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Have you ever wondered what’s included in an office cleaning service for businesses? Well, depending on which commercial cleaning or janitorial service you choose. What you’ll find is that most professional janitorial cleaning services follow a strict checklist to ensure your office space receives the best cleaning. Call us at 718-880-8111.  


Large or small. After hours or during work hours. 7 Days a week or 1x a month

Carpets, Floors, windows and more!


The Janitorial Office Cleaning Starts at the Reception

Our professional janitorial staff ensures carpets are vacuumed and floors are swept from the front. Any horizontal surfaces such as desks, tables, chairs, etc. will be dusted and wiped down with a disinfectant. We clear garbage and recycle bins accordingly. Finally, we will proceed with a detailed cleaning, including glass and window cleaner, removal of scuff marks and fingerprints on doorknobs, light switches, and windows.

We Make Our Way to the Main Workspace, Including the Kitchen

A clean and well-sanitized kitchen is essential in a workplace as it decreases the risk of germ-spread and improves well-being. Our team of janitorial staff will not only take out the trash. But they will also wipe down benchtops, clean out stoves and fridges, polish brass, and most importantly, sanitize all surfaces with an effective disinfectant.

Office Sanitation and Cleaning Services Continue in the Bathroom

Of course, no office sanitation service is complete without a deep bathroom clean.

TRIBORO CLEANING commercial office cleaners will:

Ensure all basins and toilets are cleaned and sanitized. Our staff will polish any ceramic sinks to help give it that extra shine for a deeper clean.

We use heavy-duty cleaners to sanitize sinks and toilets. We will also wipe away splash and sud-marks from mirrors, sinks, faucets, and countertops.

TRIBORO Cleaning janitorial staff also restock toiletries, including hand soaps, towels, and paper rolls.

Let TRIBORO CLEANING clean your home today.


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